Welcome to the SmartTecStyle conference 2021!


Wednesday - 15.12.2021

10:00 Welcome & Opening
Andrea Ehrmann, Thomas Süße 

10:15-11:15 Modelling and simulation (Chair: Dominik Münks)
11:15 Tomasz Blachowicz: Fractal characteristics of textiles
10:45 Lukas Capek: Design, development and feasibility study of a novel concept for modelling of seams in garments

11:15 Coffee Break

11:30-12:15  Protective Textiles (Chair: Tomasz Kozior)
11:30 Katrin Freier: Innovation in Fragment Protection – High-Performance Knits made with Dyneema®
11:45 Dominik Münks: Development of 3D printed composite elements for better stab protection

12:15 Lunch Break

13:15-14:00  3D printing / additive manufacturing (Chair: Lilia Sabentina)
13:15 Frank Siegel: Functionalization of technical textiles by means of additive manufacturing processes
13:45 Anne Markard: 3D printing of textiles with focus on underwear
14:00 Coffee Break
14:15 Nonsikelelu Mpofu: 3D printing for antimicrobial textiles using plant waste
14:30 Tomasz Kozior: Composites produced by 3D printing and electrospinning technologies in filter applications
14:45 Amine Haj Taieb: 3D simulation in fashion industry an alternative for “mass-customisation” trends
15:00 Tatjana Spahiu: Improvement of footwear production using additive technologies

15:30-17:30  Circular, sustainability (Chair: Tatjana Spahiu)
15:30 Tatjana Spahiu: Footwear products and the role of Industry 4.0 for sustainable production
16:00 Lilia Sabantina: Possible application of a mycelium composite in clothing 
16:15 Fabian Schoden: Sustainability of Smart Textiles and Legislative Change 
16:30 Coffee Break
16:45 Alina Slomkowski: Design for Recycling of E-Textiles – A Circular Approach 
17:15 Zlatin Zlatev: Automated recognition and sorting of recycled textiles for sustainable fashion


Thursday - 16.12.2021

10:00-12:00 Electronic textiles (Chair: Marius Dotter)
10:00 Anne Schwarz-Pfeiffer: Filament-Based Resistive Sensors for Smart Textile Applications 
10:30 Siqi Jiang: Smart clothing
10:45 Coffee Break
11:00 Michael Kieren: Textile circuits 
11:30 Hasan Riaz Tahir: A hybrid 3D printed embroidery TENG for energy harvesting
11:45 Abdella Simegnaw Ahmmed: Connecting Electronic Surface Mounted Devices with Conductive Yarns by Reflow Soldering 

12:00 Lunch Break

13:00-15:15 Chemistry / biology / medicine (Chair: Lilia Sabantina)
13:00 Manuela Schiek: Roadmap to seamless bioelectronic interfaces including electrospun substrates 
13:30 Alena Dannehl: Applications of Self-Healing Materials
13:45 Nimesh Kankariya: Design and development of an air pneumatic compression device for an irregularly-shaped model lower leg
14:00 Coffee Break
14:15 Lisa Hinz: Artificial DNA markers on textiles for evidence-led manufacturing chain and textile recycling applications 
14:30 Samira Ziane: Performance and adsorption mechanism of textile dyes with a modified material
14:45 Toumi Imene: Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Nanocomposites with Inorganic Filler for Textile Applications
15:00 Mohammad Mamunur Rashid: Development of Antibacterial and UV-protective TiO2/SiQAC/Ag/textile nanocomposite

15:15 Coffee Break

15:30-16:30 Perspectives (Chair: Fabian Schoden)
15:30 Ada Traumann: Consumer awareness and perception of innovation: smart garment labels
15:45 Walter Chipmabwa: Forecasting virtual fashion trends in emerging economies 
16:00 Martin Wortmann: Cherry-Picking Micrographs: A Critical Perspective on Scientific Publishing Practice

16:30 Conference Closing