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2022 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 1799 | OA
@article{Vandevoorde_Vollenkemper_Schwan_Kohlhase_Schenck_2022, title={Using Artificial Intelligence for Assistance Systems to Bring Motor Learning Principles into Real World Motor Tasks}, volume={22}, DOI={10.3390/s22072481}, number={72481}, journal={Sensors}, publisher={MDPI AG}, author={Vandevoorde, Koenraad and Vollenkemper, Lukas and Schwan, Constanze and Kohlhase, Martin and Schenck, Wolfram}, year={2022} }
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2022 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 1732 | OA
@article{Homburg_Patel_2022, title={Silica Hydrogels as Entrapment Material for Microalgae}, volume={14}, DOI={10.3390/polym14071391}, number={71391}, journal={Polymers}, publisher={MDPI AG}, author={Homburg, Sarah Vanessa and Patel, Anant}, year={2022} }
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2022 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 1730 | OA
@article{Leserri_Grimmelsmann_Mechtenberg_Meyer_Schneider_2022, title={Evaluation of sEMG Signal Features and Segmentation Parameters for Limb Movement Prediction Using a Feedforward Neural Network}, volume={10}, DOI={10.3390/math10060932}, number={6932}, journal={Mathematics}, publisher={MDPI AG}, author={Leserri, David and Grimmelsmann, Nils and Mechtenberg, Malte and Meyer, Hanno Gerd and Schneider, Axel}, year={2022} }
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2022 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 1718 | OA
@article{Jafree_Zakar_Rafiq_Javed_Durrani_Burhan_Hasnain Nadir_Ali_Shahid_Momina_et al._2022, title={WhatsApp-Delivered Intervention for Continued Learning for Nurses in Pakistan During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Results of a Randomized-Controlled Trial}, volume={10}, DOI={10.3389/fpubh.2022.739761}, journal={Frontiers in Public Health}, publisher={Frontiers Media SA}, author={Jafree, Sara Rizvi and Zakar, Rubeena and Rafiq, Nasim and Javed, Ambreen and Durrani, Rana Rubab and Burhan, Syeda Khadija and Hasnain Nadir, Syed Mujtaba and Ali, Fatima and Shahid, Aimen and Momina, Ain ul and et al.}, year={2022} }
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2022 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 1567 | OA
@article{Ilskens_Wrona_Dockweiler_Fischer_2022, title={An Evidence Map on Serious Games in Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Adolescents: Systematic Review About Outcome Categories Investigated in Primary Studies}, volume={10}, DOI={10.2196/30526}, number={1}, journal={JMIR Serious Games}, publisher={JMIR Publications Inc.}, author={Ilskens, Karina and Wrona, Kamil Joseph and Dockweiler, Christoph and Fischer, Florian}, year={2022} }
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2022 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 1566 | OA
@article{Raschke_Mohsenpour_Aschentrup_Fischer_Wrona_2022, title={Socioeconomic Factors Associated with Suicidal Behaviors in South Korea: A Systematic Review On The Current State of Evidence}, DOI={10.1186/s12889-022-12498-1}, journal={BMC Public Health}, publisher={Research Square Platform LLC}, author={Raschke, Nicolas and Mohsenpour, Amir and Aschentrup, Leona and Fischer, Florian and Wrona, Kamil Joseph}, year={2022} }
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2022 | Konferenzbeitrag | FH-PUB-ID: 1548 | OA
@inproceedings{Viertel_König_Rexilius_2022, title={Pollen detection from honey sediments via Region-Based Convolutional Neural Networks}, booktitle={Referate der 42. GIL-Jahrestagung}, author={Viertel, Philipp and König, Matthias and Rexilius, Jan}, editor={Gesellschaft für InformatikEditor}, year={2022}, pages={301–306} }
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2022 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 1533 | OA
@article{Viertel_König_2022, title={Pattern Recognition Methodologies for Pollen Grain Image Classification: A Survey}, volume={33}, DOI={10.1007/s00138-021-01271-w}, journal={Machine Vision and Applications}, publisher={Springer}, author={Viertel, Philipp and König, Matthias}, year={2022} }
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2022 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 2033 | OA
@article{Hellert_Kieren_Ehrmann_2022, title={Time-Dependence of Stop Marks in Warp-Knitted Fabrics}, volume={65}, DOI={10.14502/tekstilec.65.2022001}, number={2}, journal={TEKSTILEC}, publisher={University of Ljubljana}, author={Hellert, Christian and Kieren, Michael and Ehrmann, Andrea}, year={2022}, pages={84–90} }
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2021 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 3717 | OA
@article{Voigt_Kohlhase_Nelles_2021, title={Incremental DoE and Modeling Methodology with Gaussian Process Regression: An Industrially Applicable Approach to Incorporate Expert Knowledge}, volume={9}, DOI={10.3390/math9192479}, number={192479}, journal={Mathematics}, publisher={MDPI AG}, author={Voigt, Tim and Kohlhase, Martin and Nelles, Oliver}, year={2021} }
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2021 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 1978 | OA
@article{Otto_Schröder_Diekmann_Sander_2021, title={Trends and Gaps in Empirical Research on Open Educational Resources (OER): A Systematic Mapping of the Literature from 2015 to 2019}, volume={13}, DOI={10.30935/cedtech/11145}, number={4ep325}, journal={Contemporary Educational Technology}, publisher={Bastas Publications}, author={Otto, Daniel and Schröder, Nadine and Diekmann, Daniel and Sander, Pia}, year={2021} }
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2021 | Konferenzbeitrag | FH-PUB-ID: 3704 | OA
@inproceedings{Wach_Kampe_2021, title={Entrepreneurship Education in Dual Study Programs}, author={Wach, Bernhard and Kampe, Tim}, year={2021} }
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2021 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 1544 | OA
@article{Raschper_Tulka-Vollrath_2021, title={Phänomenologisches Lernen am Beispiel psychiatrischer Pflegethemen}, DOI={10.57720/1544}, number={6}, journal={Lehren & Lernen im Gesundheitswesen (LLiG)}, author={Raschper, Patrizia and Tulka-Vollrath, Sabrina}, year={2021} }
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2021 | Masterarbeit | FH-PUB-ID: 3651 | OA
@book{Seidler-Rolf_2021, title={Tod und Sterben als existentielle Erfahrungen in der Pflegeausbildung: die Perspektive der Pflegelehrenden}, author={Seidler-Rolf, Kristina}, year={2021} }
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2021 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 1081 | OA
@article{Storck_Brockhagen_Grothe_Sabantina_Kaltschmidt_Tuvshinbayar_Braun_Tanzli_Hütten_Ehrmann_2021, title={Stabilization and Carbonization of PAN Nanofiber Mats Electrospun on Metal Substrates}, volume={7}, DOI={10.3390/c7010012}, number={112}, journal={C}, publisher={MDPI AG}, author={Storck, Jan Lukas and Brockhagen, Bennet and Grothe, Timo and Sabantina, Lilia and Kaltschmidt, Bernhard and Tuvshinbayar, Khorolsuren and Braun, Laura and Tanzli, Ewin and Hütten, Andreas and Ehrmann, Andrea}, year={2021} }
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2021 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 1294 | OA
@article{Hellert_Storck_Grothe_Kaltschmidt_Hütten_Ehrmann_2021, title={Positioning and Aligning Electrospun PAN Fibers by Conductive and Dielectric Substrate Patterns}, volume={395}, DOI={10.1002/masy.202000213}, number={12000213}, journal={Macromolecular Symposia}, publisher={Wiley}, author={Hellert, Christian and Storck, Jan Lukas and Grothe, Timo and Kaltschmidt, Bernhard and Hütten, Andreas and Ehrmann, Andrea}, year={2021} }
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2021 | Diskussionspapier | FH-PUB-ID: 2148 | OA
@book{Kobusch_Halm_2021, place={Bielefeld}, edition={Version 1.0}, title={Checkliste. Open Educational Resources erstellen (v1.0)}, DOI={10.57720/2148}, publisher={Fachhochschule Bielefeld}, author={Kobusch, Alexander and Halm, Linda}, year={2021} }
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2021 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 3600 | OA
@article{Hunke_Engelmann_Meyer_Schneider_2021, title={Motion parallax for object localization in electric fields}, volume={17}, DOI={10.57720/3600}, number={1016003}, journal={Bioinspiration & Biomimetics}, publisher={IOP Publishing}, author={Hunke, Kevin and Engelmann, Jacob and Meyer, Hanno Gerd and Schneider, Axel}, year={2021} }
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2021 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 2875 | OA
@article{Hermann_Grünberger_Patel_2021, title={Formalin-casein enhances water absorbency of calcium alginate beads and activity of encapsulated Metarhizium brunneum and Saccharomyces cerevisiae}, volume={37}, DOI={10.1007/s11274-021-03121-3}, number={9156}, journal={World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology}, publisher={Springer Science and Business Media LLC}, author={Hermann, Katharina M. and Grünberger, Alexander and Patel, Anant}, year={2021} }
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2021 | Artikel | FH-PUB-ID: 3225 | OA
@article{Höer_Wetter_2021, title={For they Know not What They do… Surgeons and Surgical Sutures}, volume={4}, number={1}, journal={SL Clinical Medicine: Research}, publisher={Scientific Literature}, author={Höer, Jörg and Wetter, Oliver Utz}, year={2021}, pages={122} }
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