Transfer Strategy

Building upon already existing capabilities, the transfer strategy of HSBI, which consists of objectives, profile development and areas of activity, was developed and approved by the university and its regional partners. It was written under the leadership of the Executive Board and discussed with faculties, deans, organisational units and the University Council.

HSBI has set ambitious objectives and formulated the following guiding principles:

  • Aside from teaching and research, the transfer of ideas, knowledge and technologies is one of the core tasks of the university.
  • HSBI understands innovation transfer as an interactive process between researchers and society. Ideas and knowledge are exchanged, joint projects initiated and carried out, experiences shared and new findings put to the test.
  • The university strongly supports the practical application and commercialisation of research results wherever applicable.
  • Activities supporting the transfer of ideas, knowledge and technology are also highlighted in the university’s mission statement: “Technology transfer and further education are oriented towards the region’s requirements.”
  • HSBI proactively approaches partners from society, culture, business and politics and contributes to research-based social development.


Please find the full-length transfer strategy of HSBI in the download box.