Research Institutes and Networks

Institute for Educational and Health-Care Research in the Health Sector

InBVG is a cooperation between research scientists of the Faculty of Health who concentrate on different areas of health-care, therapy, the health sciences and the educational sciences. In various research and development projects, current issues and challenges facing the health sector are explored, and action plans are devised.


Bielefeld Institute for Applied Materials Research (BifAM)

BifAM’s activities focus on basic research into the physical properties of innovative materials and also on the intelligent linking, advancement/industrialisation of widely known methods and materials. Research activities are structured by the three areas of competence “Application and test of new materials in electrical engineering and electronic engineering,” “Characterisation, application and test of new construction materials” and “Modeling and simulation.”


Institute for System Dynamics and Mechatronics (ISyM)

The Institute for System Dynamics and Mechatronics (in short: ISyM) stands for synergetic cooperation between engineers from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science in model-based system development, system dynamics and control technology and mechatronics. Their objectives are to advance methods and procedures, and transfer them directly to industry. The institute’s research strategy also aims to tap into entirely new application and technological fields, such as medical technology and biomechatronics.


Institute for the Intelligent Building (InfinteG)

InfinteG deals with current and future research questions on topics related to living and working in intelligent buildings. The focus is on aspects of well-being, sensor technology, energy efficiency, data security and fire protection. In interdisciplinary working groups, sustainable concepts and technologies for the refurbishment, reconstruction and operation of buildings are developed, which are to be adapted to the needs of future users with the help of intelligent building automation. The results of the application-oriented research will be tested, evaluated, further developed and put into practice.


Institute for Technical Energy Systems (ITES)

ITES works interdisciplinarily on the design of innovative energy and communication concepts in order to meet the huge challenges society faces today, such as climate change. The objective is to develop intelligent approaches to the question of renewable energies with rapidly controllable, process-optimised power plants and storage facilities. Focus is also on the energy-efficiency market, in particular LED lighting, while addressing many diverse groups of people.


CareTech OWL – Center for Health, Social Affairs and Technology
CareTech OWL – Center for Health, Social Affairs and Technology was founded at HSBI in 2019. The Center’s research focuses on the development and use of technologies in the fields of nursing, therapeutic care and social welfare for patients and for the public benefit. Together with partners in the OWL (East Westphalia-Lippe) region, including industry, health-care organisations and patient groups, CareTech researchers from multiple faculties establish a culture for innovative knowledge development and its transfer. The aim of the centre is to involve patients, their relatives and professionals in all phases of the product development cycle to design top solutions for health preservation and improvement and to enable participation in all areas of life.