Quality Concept

Joint efforts for HSBI – transparent and unbureaucratic

As a learning organisation, the university actively looks for areas of improvement, particularly with regard to its

  • Studies, teaching and further education,
  • Research, development and transfer,
  • Services,
  • Learning and working environment,
  • Role as an employer,
  • Structures and processes and
  • Systematic and continuous occupational safety and health protection.

The quality concept and quality policy of HSBI build upon the strong intrinsic motivation of its members.

University governance, faculties, administration and service units define joint strategic quality objectives and regularly monitor their realisation. In this process,

  • Feedback on the status quo will be given in an unvarnished and open way,
  • Perspectives of different internal and external experts will be integrated and
  • Measures for improvement will be defined and put to the test in a joint effort.

Joint efforts for studies and teaching – permeability, equality and diversity

With its QM system in studies and teaching, the university pursues the following core objectives:

  • Creating and offering an attractive, diverse course programme that suits everyone’s needs!
  • Offering full support to all students in achieving their study goals!
  • Increasing and securing qualification levels of all graduates!
  • Complying with all regulations, internal guidelines and obligations from cooperation agreements!


Please find the quality concept of HSBI in the download box on the left-hand side. University members will find further information on the intranet [in German].