Translation Service

Welcome to the in-house translation service of HSBI!
If you’re an employee at HSBI and need a translation, proofreading or advice concerning the English language, this is where you will find help.

  • Translation of non-scientific texts from German into English, e.g. forms, document templates, standard texts
  • Proofreading (with regard to language and content) of non-scientific English texts written or translated in-house
  • Advice concerning the English language, terminology research and creation of subject-specific glossaries (German/English)
  • Provision and maintenance of the University Glossary and of our University Dictionary in our cloud-based translation memory system Trados Live Team (Please contact us if you would like us to give you access to Trados.)
  • In-house training for the use of Trados Live Team
  • Consultation on the purchase of translation services and support in requesting quotes for translations that cannot be produced by the in-house translation service.
  • Provision and maintenance of a style guide for writing English texts
  • Upon request: Proofreading of scientific English texts (with regard to orthography and syntax)


  • Standard texts in English will in future be available from a central location so that they can be reused or adapted to one’s needs, avoiding duplicate work.
  • Creating and ensuring a consistent corporate language leaves a professional impression of HSBI.
  • Consequent use of university-specific terminology enhances the quality and consistency of English texts at the university.
  • With our powerful, cloud-based translation memory system Trados Live Team, translations can be produced and reviewed in cooperation, even if users have little or no experience with this tool.
  • By professionally requesting transparent, adequate quotes and providing reference material for external service providers, external translation costs are reduced, while the quality of externally translated texts improves.