TransCoCon - Developing Multimedia Learning for Transcultural Collaboration and Competence in Nursing

Transcultural learning, blended learning,eLearning, Kultursensible Pflege, transkulturelle Kompetenzen

Fachhochschule Bielefeld
Fachbereich Wirtschaft und Gesundheit
Interaktion 1
33619 Bielefeld

The University of Nottingham, UK (Projekt Koordinator)
Escola Superior de Enfermagem do Porto, Portugal
Hogeschool Gent, Belgien
St. Angela’s College, Ireland

01.09.2017 – 31.08.2020


Eu-Flagge Erasmus+

TransCoCon will facilitate learning relating to professional values in transcultural healthcare for nurses through developing five sustainable Reuseable Learning Objects (RLOs) and associated multimedia for blended learning. The media will explore patient care scenarios within a transcultural model. The RLOs will be open access resources relevant for nurses and nursing students in their home country as well as internationally in the context of mobility.