Topic:  Data-driven decisions in enterprises – Implications for business education and cases


Date/Time of the conference: 6th of May 2022, 9.30 am to 4.45 pm

Place of the conference:

Fachochschule Bielefeld

Conference room

Interaktion 1

33619 Bielefeld


AGENDA Bicab Conference on 6 May 2022

Welcome and keynote speeches

9.30-9.40           Welcome and Opening Speeches – Prof. Dr. Riza Öztürk (Dean, Business
                             Faculty) and Prof. Dr. Schramm-Wölk (President, Bielefeld University of
                             Applied Sciences)

9.40-10.00         Keynote speech – Dr. Stefan Breit, Executive Director Miele & Cie. KG,

10.00-10.20       Keynote speech – Prof. Dr. Haldun Akpinar, Marmara University Istanbul,
                              Former Director of Business Informatics Department

10.20-10.30       Coffee break

Session 1 chair: Prof. Dr. Schmidtmann

10.30-10.50     „Resource Based Theory: A managerial Profile“, Prof. Dr. Olta Nexhipi,
                             Prof. Dr. Mario Gjoni, Prof. Dr. Erisa Musabelliu, University Aleksander
                             Moisiu Durres, Albania

10.50-11.10       „Using Researched-Based Learning on Barriers to Digital Transformation to
                              Impact Student Engagement during a Pandemic“, Prof. Dr. Sven Packmohr,
                              Malmö University, Sweden, M. Sc. Henning Brink, Osnabrück University,

11.10-11.30       „Data Reports with Dynamic Documents“, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kohn; Bielefeld
                              University of Applied Sciences, Germany

11.30-11.40        Coffee break

Session 2 chair : Prof. Dr. Ela Sibel Bayrak Meydanoğlu

11.40-12.00       „Process Mining as a Tool to Corporate Value Production“, Prof. Dr.
                              Alessandro Spano, M. Sc. Serena Racis, M. Sc. Sonia Cocco, University
                              of Cagliari, Italy

12.00-12.20       „Data-Driven Security“, Prof. Dr. Achim Schmidtmann, Bielefeld University
                              of Applied Sciences, Germany 

12.20-12.40       „A Constructive Learning Model for Data Analytics in Treasury“, Prof.
                              Dr. Andreas Uphaus, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Germany

12.40-13.30        Lunch break

Session 3 chair: Prof. Dr. Alessandro Spano

13.30-13.50       „Applying Situated Analytics for Supporting Consumer Decision-Making“,
                             Prof. Dr. Ela Sibel Bayrak Meydanoğlu, Turkish-German University, Turkey

13.50-14.10       „AI Enabled “Just Walkout Technology” in shopping malls: Empirical
                              evidence to predict consumer purchase intention with moderating role
                              of shopping convenience“, Prof. Dr. Suraj Shah, Prof. Dr. Maurvi Vasavada,
                              Dr. Sameer Rohadia, Dr. Mahendra Sharma, Ganpat University, India

14.10-14.30       „Analyses of a SME Company using Altman Z-Score Model“, Prof. Dr.
                              Arjeta Hallunovi University Aleksander Moisiu Durres, Albania

14.30-14.40        Coffee break

Session 4 chair: Prof. Dr. Vivian Carstensen

14.40-15.00      „Business Valuation Methods in Europe - Similarities and Differences“,
                              MBA Thomas Walther, WP Walther, Germany

15.00-15.20       „A Cross-Sector Comparative Analysis of a Multi-Dimensional Framework
                              Of Value Creation Through Big Data“, Margareta Teodorescu, Hochschule
                              Koblenz, Germany, Ela Sibel Bayrak Meydanoğlu, Turkish-German
                               University, Turkey

15.20-15.30        Conclusion of the sessions and voting on papers

15.30-15.40        Coffee break

15.40-16.10         Moderated discussion with the audience using a best-case example “
                               Combining machine learning and knowledge-based approaches in B2B
                               product consulting - a use case discussion”, Marcel Rösner, CEO
                               Archimedes New Ventures GmbH, Dominik Witt, COO Phania GmbH

16.10-16.25        Online evaluation of the conference and voting on papers with
                               subsequent awarding

Approx. 16.25     End of the conference