AGENDA BiCAB Conference on 17 May 2024

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Venue: HSBI, Main Building, Conference Room (main floor), Interaktion 1, 33619 Bielefeld

Topic: “Skills shortage- approaches and solutions from universities, companies and politics”

Chair: Prof. Dr. Riza Öztürk (Dean, Business Faculty) and Prof. Dr. Natalie Bartholomäus, Vice President Sustainability, People & Culture

Jury: Sylke Fleischhut, Director Human Resources, AUGUST STORCK KG and Prof. Dr. Kathrin Papmeyer, Professor of Human Resources Management and Organisation, HSBI


Welcome and keynote speeches

9.30-10.00           Welcome and Opening Speeches – Prof. Dr. Riza Öztürk (Dean, Business Faculty) 
                                  and Prof. Dr. Natalie Bartholomäus (Vice President Sustainability,
                                  People & Culture, Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences)

10.00-10.20         Keynote speech – Eike Krull (Head of Corporate Human Resources)
                                   Wilhelm Böllhoff GmbH & Co. KG

10.20-10.40          Keynote speech – Henrich Hardieck, Procorator WEGE
                                   (Procorator WEGE, Economic Development Agency /City of Bielefeld)

10.40-11.00          Keynote speech - Dr. Wido Geis-Thöne (Senior Economist for Family Policy and
                                    Migration Issues, German Economic Institute)

11.00-11.30          Panel discussion

11:30-11.50          Coffee break


Session 1 chair:   Prof. Dr. Müge Klein, Turkish-German University/Turkey

11.50-12.10          Bridging the Gap: Navigating Skills Shortage through Artificial Intelligence,
                                   Prof. Dr. Alessandro Spano, Virgina Angius, Serena Racis,
                                   University of Cagliari/Italy

12.10-12.30         Who Aspires to Go and Why – an Analysis among Turkish University Students,
                                  Dr. Nilgün Dağlar-Sezer, Selin Karaca Varinlioğlu, Merve Ahter Dede, Alper Engin,
                                  Prof. Dr. Dilek Zamantılı Nayır, Prof. Dr. Vivian Carstensen,
                                  Turkish-German University/Turkey and HSBI/Germany

12.30-12.50         „If you can´t get new People, at least don´t snub the ones you have“ -
                                  Organizational Cynicism of Employees in Times of Skills and
                                  Labour Shortage,
                                  Prof. Dr. Jan Schilling, HSBI/Germany

12.50-13.40          Lunch


Session 2 chair :   Prof. Dr. Dilek Zamantılı Nayır, Turkish-German University/Turkey

13.40-14.00           “Hadi, gidelim!” - Evaluating the Attractiveness of Job Offers Abroad: Insights
                                     from Turkey, Prof. Dr. Moritz Botts, Melih Pehlivan, Hilmi Berkay Abbasoğlu,
                                    Turkish-German University/Turkey

14.00-14.20           Digital Transformation and Skills Shortage as a
                                     Hen-Egg Problem: Comparison of Germany and Turkey,
                                     Prof. Dr. Müge Klein, Umur Ejder Halhallı, Prof. Dr. Sven Packmohr,
                                    Turkish-German University/Turkey and Malmö University/Sweden

14.20-14.40           Digitalization as an answer to skills shortages? Changing processes and
                                     requirements in accounting and auditing and the impact on 
                                     university education, Prof. Dr. Tim Kampe, HSBI/Germany

14.40-15.00          Voting best two papers and coffee break

15.00-15.45          Discussion forum with all participants and brief summary, evaluation

15.45-16.00          Awarding the two best papers