BiCAB 2024

3nd Bielefeld International Conference on Applied Business (BiCAB)


“Skills shortage- approaches and solutions from universities, companies and politics”

17 May 2024

Bielefeld School of Business at HSBI will organise the third instalment of its annual international conference in 2024. It will take place on 17 May 2024 (9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.) and will have the following title:

“Skills shortage – approaches and solutions from universities, companies and politics”

 We are hitting one of the main entrepreneurial topics – companies and institutions are already experiencing massive difficulties in finding sufficient and qualified specialists as well as workers. The development will further intensify due to demographic change – Generation Z is not enough to compensate for the departure of the Baby Boomers and that is only in quantitative terms. The current discussion therefore deals with the acquisition, integration and skills development of international workers. In particular, the topic of sustainability is strongly affected because companies need suitable experts and workers for the sustainability transformation, of which there is no sufficient supply.

This is also a major issue for HSBI – testing, evaluating and consolidating innovative approaches to recruiting, retaining junior staff, flexible working models, systematic employer branding and structured competence development. The use of new technologies also plays an important role.

With this conference, we would like to sound out the skilled labour situation internationally, discuss consequences for companies, institutions and political decision makers. These also lead to follow-up activities in personnel policy and disruption in strategies. Above all, we can use digitalisation and internationalisation to discuss suitable ways out of the skilled labour crisis.


We would like to invite you to attend the conference as a speaker and look forward to your scientific contribution.