Call for Participation

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Subject areas

1. Digital International teaching

The "Internationalization @ Home" concept, driven for example by the intercultural exchange with visiting professors as well as international students at Bielefeld UAS, is currently supplemented by virtual formats due to the pandemic, so that transitions between physical and virtual mobility and teaching are fluid.
What are your experiences with these developments?  Which digital learning and teaching methods or formats do you currently use and have they proven successful? Where did the COVID-19 crisis pose challenges for you in terms of linking internationalisation and digitalisation, and where did they provide opportunities and some leeway?


2. Administrative digital support for the student journey

The digitisation of administrative processes and of the entire student journey facilitates, for example, (international) students’ cross-university recognition of documents and reduces the processing time and administrative effort.
How can university-wide internationalisation in university administration be digitally supported? Does this require new digital and intercultural skills of university staff? How can they acquire them?

Target group of the event

The virtual format makes the E-Learning Conference accessible to wider target groups than before: We invite all lecturers, project leaders and project team members with an international focus to participate. We are pleased about the participation of the IMKD projects (International Mobility and Cooperation Digital) of the DAAD and their international partner universities. As another novelty this year, students are invited to contribute with their perspectives on digital and transnational teaching.